Playing in fullscreen is highly advised.

Short game on gdevelop with two endings.

Technical points:

  • 4-core based processor is recommended
  • 17 megabyte size


  • 1.0: Initial Release
  • 1.0a: critical bugfixes
  • 1.1:
    • Gray zones are now deal 3 points of damage
    • Game over screen after Main battle screen doesn't put player into the beginning of the game, instead it just restarts the Main battle screen
    • Added the regeneration to the player at the Guitar Duel Section. Regeneration rate is +0.015 HP per tick
    • Precaching is now silent
  • 1.1a:
    • Small intro text changes (thanks to the anonymous fan)
    • Player speed at the main battle screen is increased from 110 to 115
Known bugs:
  • Overall game difficulty (could be a feature)
  • Rare freeze on game over screen after Guitar Battle screen
  • Inevitable frame rate drops


  • Tune-in the Guitar Battle screen note detection/lag

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Interesting, but when you stand still blue still hurts you.